White Collar Defense

AMLG’s attorneys and skilled professionals concentrate in litigation and mortgage banking related matters, including white collar defense. Our team is experienced in the efficient defense of mortgage related legal issues in both civil and criminal litigation and mitigation. Our team includes criminal defense lawyers with over 30 years of experience, former Assistant District Attorneys and Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys, former law enforcement officers, and other skilled professionals with significant experience in the areas of white collar defense, mortgage fraud, financial institution fraud, and real estate matters.

Our clients include mortgage lenders and servicers, commercial banks, thrifts, savings and loan associations, credit unions, title companies, third-party vendors, and hedge funds. Through those clients AMLG has developed unique insight into allegations of fraud and material misrepresentations related to mortgage loans and the mortgage banking industry.

AMLG concentrates in cases involving:

  • Bank fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • False statements
  • False loan and credit applications
  • Fictitious obligations
  • Foreclosure rescue and avoidance fraud
  • Loan modification fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Mortgage loan application fraud
  • Servicing related fraud
  • Wire fraud

If you become aware that you are the target of an investigation, or have been arrested and/or indicted, you can count on our expert counsel to mount a strong defense in your favor. If you are a lender, officer, partner, director, principal, manager, supervisor, loan processor, loan underwriter, loan originator, or other industry professional who is seeking a skilled defense team, please contact us.