About AMLG

The American Mortgage Law Group, P.C. (AMLG) has its roots in the original Prieston Law Firm, a mortgage law practice founded in Northern California in 1981. AMLG became its own freestanding legal practice in 2006. The firm initially focused on mortgage insurance issues, repurchase demands, and related mortgage fraud issues. Since then, AMLG’s success has allowed it to expand to become a full-service law firm within the mortgage banking industry.

AMLG continues to be focused on residential mortgage-related matters, including mortgage repurchase and indemnification defense and workout, litigation, white collar defense, and regulatory compliance and examinations. We are a national practice, based in California, with clients throughout the country. Our clients include, but are not limited to, mortgage lenders and servicers, commercial banks, thrifts, savings and loan associations, credit unions, title companies, third-party vendors, and hedge funds.


Who We Are


AMLG serves as local counsel for national and regional organizations based in California, as well as pro hac vice counsel for national and regional organizations across the country. We are committed to providing cost effective results and innovative solutions for our clients. Our attorneys appear regularly in state, federal, district, circuit and appellate courts throughout California and the rest of the country.

We regularly work with local counsel in order to save our clients costs. We have either worked with local counsel and/or been admitted pro hac vice in the following states: AZ, CA, FL, HI, MD, MI, MN, MO, OR, NJ, NV, NY, PA, TN, and TX; a list which continues to grow. We are committed to working with or through additional attorneys of our clients’ choosing in order to collaborate on complex mortgage issues.

Our attorneys and skilled professionals concentrate in litigation and mortgage banking related matters. Our team is active within industry associations focused on mortgage litigation, regulatory compliance, and the detection and prevention of mortgage fraud. We have established enduring relationships with mortgage industry leaders and support providers, which allow us to stay on top of industry trends and provide comprehensive, thoughtful solutions for the legal needs of our mortgage banking clients.

We routinely speak at industry conferences and events and host collaborative webinars on emerging trends and pertinent topics. In the past, we have worked with the American Conference Institute (ACI), American Mortgage Cooperative (AMC), the California District Attorneys Association (CDAA), Capital Markets Cooperative (CMC), the Community Mortgage Banking Project (CMBP), Community Mortgage Lenders of America (CMLA), Lenders One, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), The Mortgage Collaborative (TMC), The Realty Alliance, and various state Mortgage Bankers Associations, including Arizona, California, and Texas.

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Our Philosophy


At AMLG, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best representation possible. Our philosophy is to focus on mitigating risk in a way that allows our clients to continue to make smart business decisions. We value timely mitigation, recovery, and restitution, and have established a reputation for being highly efficient and successful. Our attorneys are aggressive, bright, and professional and are committed to creating a value add service for our clients.


Mitigation and Litigation

Unlike other law firms, AMLG focuses on recovery solutions first, and litigation second. Our experience has taught us that litigation can be costly and protracted, and it is often more productive and less expensive for our clients to attempt to come to an agreement with opposing parties ahead of litigation and/or trial.

Accordingly, our first priority is always to work with our clients to meet directly with the opposing party and their business personnel in an attempt to effect a mutually agreeable settlement and avoid costly litigation. We are experienced in mediations and settlement negotiations and always work diligently to represent the best interests of our clients. This unique, targeted approach has saved our clients millions of dollars by avoiding litigation when possible.

When litigation is unavoidable, we vigorously pursue trial preparations and related pleadings in order to provide the best representation possible to our clients. We are steadfast in our litigation preparations and always work to represent the client’s best interests, including the robust pursuit and/or contesting of damages. Our attorneys are experienced in complex, multi-party, multi-property litigation and look forward to assisting our clients with their day in court.  


Regulatory Compliance and Business Services

At AMLG, we understand that the risk environment in the mortgage banking industry is always shifting, whether it be regulatory, investor, insurance, or other business-related risk. We are committed to identifying new risks as they appear in the market and to creating innovative and resourceful solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box and on providing creative, cost effective solutions to difficult problems in a way that best minimizes client risk.

Our attorneys understand both the legal and business issues that affect our clients on a daily basis. Our team has extensive experience within the mortgage, banking, and other financial related industries. As such, we are able to bring a unique business-focused perspective to our clients and their challenges. We routinely work with clients not just to provide legal representation, but to provide legal and business counsel that assists our clients in creating efficiencies and moving their businesses forward. We understand the value in mitigating legal risks while still enabling our clients to make smart business decisions and are focused on creating multipurpose solutions that address the intersection between these two vital areas.

Whether you are looking for advice and counsel on regulatory compliance, examinations, industry best practices, or other ways to help mitigate risk, we look forward to assisting you in creative and cost-effective ways.    


What We Do


AMLG concentrates in all areas of financial institution and mortgage-related matters. Our attorneys and skilled professionals work diligently to mitigate the cost of fraud and material misrepresentations through expert legal services including:

Mortgage Repurchase and Indemnification Defense & Workout

  • Mortgage Repurchase and Indemnification Workout
  • Mortgage Repurchase and Indemnification Mitigation
  • Mortgage Repurchase and Indemnification Mediation
  • Mortgage Repurchase and Indemnification Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Mortgage Repurchase and Indemnification Demand Litigation
  • Forensic File Review


  • Mortgage Repurchase and Indemnification Demand Litigation
  • Title Insurance and Closing Protection Letter Resolution Litigation
  • Title Clearance and Title Claim Litigation
  • TILA/RESPA Litigation
  • Foreclosure Litigation
  • Mortgage Fraud Litigation and Recovery
  • Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings
  • Compliance/Audit Defense Services
  • Origination Issues
  • Lien Issues
  • Contract Disputes
  • Third Party Actions
  • Other Mitigation/Litigation Services, including:
    • Multi-State Actions
    • Complex, Multi-Property Litigation
    • Forensic File Review

Regulatory Compliance & Examinations

  • Mock Regulatory Audits
  • Policies and Procedures Review
  • Quality Control Plan Review
  • Disclosure Review
  • Contract Review
  • Interpretive Guidance
  • Advice and Counsel on Industry Best Practices
  • Supervision and Review of Vendor Management Systems
  • Employee Education
  • Representation in Adverse Agency Actions

White Collar Defense

  • Bank fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • False statements
  • False loan and credit applications
  • Fictitious obligations
  • Foreclosure rescue and avoidance fraud
  • Loan modification fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Mortgage loan application fraud
  • Servicing related fraud
  • Wire fraud

Additional Services

  • Appraisal Fraud and Closing Agent Pursuit Analysis
  • Investigative and Asset Search Services
  • Judgment Collection Services
  • Portfolio Servicing Management
  • Assistance with Identifying and Approaching M&A Targets
  • Recovery Analysis and Identification of Recovery Sources
    • Borrower and Broker Asset Recovery Analysis
    • Errors and Omissions Insurance and Fidelity Bond Recovery